Italian Pendant Lamp Design Review

Italian pendant lamp design is a lighting design that is suitable to be one of the accessories used to beautify the inside of your home. And is also very suitable for you who have a house with minimalist and simple models. because with this kind of light the display in your home will look more […]

Wall Board Ideas for House

Wall board ideas for house is one way for you who want to use the board in lieu of a brick wall in your home. But you also can not be arbitrary in choosing a board that would be used by you instead of a brick wall in your home. Because you also have to […]

Table Lamps and The Quietness of Your Room

Table lamps are the things that is used to make your lamps could be placed in a higher platform. What we mean lamps here is not actually the lamps that is used to lighten the entire room such as the bolts or so on, but in here we used the additional lamps or we can […]

Greeting The Holiday With Some Christmas Lights Setup At Your Home

Christmas lights appearing to the house on your neighborhood are the sign that the Christmas is closing in soon. This is the sign that you also need to prepare yourself to greet the Christmas and living it up with holiday spirit. You can try adding some good lighting setup on your home during the Christmas, […]